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7 juni 2018

The normal subscription price is 95 Euro per year and includes Odonatologica plus Notulae odonatologicae as well as all other costs (shipping and handling).

Last year, in 2017, this subscription included 358 printed pages of Odonatologica and 74 pages of Notulae. For a subscription beginning with 2018 I can offer a promotional price of 70 Euro – the normal price will apply then in 2019 only. All subscriptions can be canceled (simply by mail to me) prior to 1st April of each year. I have attached the recent cover pages so you can get an impression of the contents and looks of the final product.

Osmylus Scientific Publishers
Odonatologica Editorial Office
Dr Florian Weihrauch
Postfach 1212
D-85280 Wolnzach

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cover Odonatologica

cover Notulae